Heyhey! Welcome to my world, I'm excited you're here!

My name is Monique Gaffney and I'm a married, 39 year old mom of 3 girls, working in my Divine Purpose as a Personal Life and Business Coach and Spiritual Mentor. My focus is on Spiritual Wellness, Nutritional Balance and helping my Clients discover their own Divine Purpose to become a Light and Vessel, to live in their highest potential and abundance of life.

After a 17-year career in the real estate industry in various high-level positions making $80,000 a year, I finally answered that annoying voice telling me that I had a bigger life purpose and mission to complete. 

I was completely unfulfilled and hated the fact that I had to drop my kids off with someone every day, and even more, hated having to answer to someone, and do the daily mundane life of "clock in, clock out", and worry about being late or being in trouble, worry about how many sick days I had left and not having time to take off when the school was closed but work was not.

Along with that, I was feeling REALLY tired, lethargic and just unmotivated, and I KNEW it had more to do with working full time, having 3 kids, a hubby and a dog. I knew it had to do with my nutrition, health and fitness. I am THE lazy girl and I was convinced that being healthy and getting in shape was too hard and I had every excuse in the book: I didn't have money, didn't have the time and didn't know where to even start.

One day, I came across my Coach's post on Facebook - she was a single mom to two toddlers, she was in amazing shape, and she was the slap in the face I needed:

If SHE could do it, why couldn't I?? If SHE had no excuses, neither did I!! So that's where I started: purchasing a health and fitness package and Coach, committing to it 100% for 21 days and got the most amazing results I've ever experienced. 
I lost a few pounds, but my internal, mental and emotional transformation blew me away, and I knew that I needed to share that with other women like me. I became a Health and Fitness Coach in the network marketing world and had FAST success. I achieved status, rank and income that it takes most Coaches a year or more to achieve. I loved it. I was helping people in a huge way with health and fitness, I should have been completely happy and fulfilled, right?!


Something was missing. I knew I was meant to do MORE; I needed to go DEEPER with my clients, but I was limited in what capacity I could help and serve them because I was tied to a specific company. It slowly began hurting my heart, chipping away at the joy and passion I had in changing people's lives. So I took a few months to pray, to meditate, and to listen to what God had to say about it all, and thankfully, my heart heard and the message was clear:

I needed to help the people who have a deep desire to serve others, but who are stagnant/plateaued in their businesses and lives, no matter how much they work, and how hard they try. I needed to guide these people to step into their own Truth - uncover the roadblocks that are holding them back, and then discover their true calling and purpose, so that they may live truly the fruitful, fulfilling and abundance-filled lives that they were called to.

I've had the honor of helping hundreds of women change their lives, and in doing so, change their family's whole-health legacy, and for me, that is the absolute most rewarding thing I've done, and I have the privilege to call it my job.

If you've ever had that whisper or feeling that says, "I know I should be doing something MORE with my life...", well you are in the RIGHT PLACE. I am here to confirm that you have indeed been called to do great things, to live in Love, and with a Purpose, and I would be honored to guide you on that journey.


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