πŸ–€ Do you keep hearing a whisper within telling you that you were meant to do MORE?
πŸ–€ Are you feeling pulled to make a huge shift in your life?
πŸ–€ Do you wish your life were aligned with your goals, dreams and heart's desires?
πŸ–€ Have you slowly been making small changes but need guidance and support to piece it all together?
πŸ–€ Have you had a desire to start getting healthy from the inside out?
πŸ–€ Are you ready to breakthrough old hurts, fears and life patterns that have held you back from living in your highest potential?
πŸ–€ Are you ready to discover your true calling and life’s Purpose?
πŸ–€ Are you ready to learn how to use your gifts and Purpose to up-level your life and/or your business?
πŸ–€ Are you finally ready to live an ENERGIZED, FULFILLED, AUTHENTIC life?

I’ve been Divinely Inspired to teach you the exact steps I took
to begin living life more FREELY, more ABUNDANTLY, and more
AUTHENTICALLY ME than ever before.

I created this 90 day program to teach you the three fundamental tools I’ve used to catapult my life, my marriage and my business to a level I never imagined possible.

This isn’t just a program – this is a journey that will finally give you the mind, body and soul transformation that you have been CRAVING, that will open you up to clearly hearing what your Divine Purpose is, and how to confidently use your gifts and talents in your true calling. This is a transformational journey that will give you the exact building blocks for you to set the foundation for the life of abundance, freedom and joy that you always knew you were designed to live.

"Now is the time to start living the life you always imagined..."

Trust me, I know exactly how you're feeling, because up until 6 months ago, that was me.

I knew in the very core of my being that I was made for more, and not just something more, but something GREAT. I knew I had a greater purpose and a higher calling - I just didn't know how to pinpoint it. And it was because I was doing it all wrong.

I tried everything that was "good": I volunteered as a mentor to teen moms, I completed a 30-week course to serve as a church counselor, I pursued hobbies and jobs that seemed to have a heart-center of serving people (like health and fitness coaching). 
But as good as they were in intention, none of them fulfilled meAnd it wasn't
 until I took very specific actions, made intentional changes and created new daily habits that I watched my life completely transform before my own eyes.
And now I have the honor of giving you MY tools to transform YOUR life.

30 days of focused nutrition to create an internal "clean slate" which includes:
πŸ–€ Elimination plan: Whole-foods elimination diet that will slowly remove animal products, grains, nuts and seeds from your daily nutrition. I will slowly and methodically bring you down to plant based for 2 weeks.
πŸ–€  Reintegration plan: After week 2 of the plant-based, I will slowly reintroduce the seeds, nuts, grains and animal products back into your life - if you so choose. If you are enjoying a plant-based life, I will provide your remaining meal plans to support that.
πŸ–€ (4) 100% all natural meal plans
πŸ–€ Corresponding weekly shopping Lists
πŸ–€ Accompanying recipes
πŸ–€ All natural detox recipes provided to support your cleanse
πŸ–€ Conscious eating practices
πŸ–€ Learn your body and food tolerances/intolerances on a deeper level.

Affirmation deck to support you as you honor your body in cleansing
BONUS 2: Journal to document this nutritional journey (PDF).

30-DAY BODY-EMOTION ALIGNMENT with Emotion Code and Body Code Practitioner, Rebecca Maddox Packard
(4) 30-minute 1:1 sessions with Rebecca that will:

πŸ–€ Teach you a clear understanding of how the body traps and store energy and emotions and how that negatively impacts your overall physical health as well as mental.
πŸ–€ P
inpoint and release specific emotional blockages that are creating physical ailments
πŸ–€ Target and release energy blocks, imbalances and any unease within your energy field and in your body
πŸ–€ Identify and release any trapped GENERATIONAL hurts, wounds and emotions found
πŸ–€ Raise your overall vibration and energy output
πŸ–€ Give you answers and clarity on why you have been "stuck" in certain areas of life
πŸ–€ Allow you to live more fully, freely and abundantly in your authentic truth

 Journal to document this emotional journey and transition
BONUS 2: Personalized essential oil roller and healing crystals to support this journey

Learn more about Rebecca and the amazing healing powers of The Emotion Code and The Body Code here: 

Putting received "Divine Downloads" into authentic action according to your Purpose and goals

πŸ–€ Workbook with daily focused meditation
πŸ–€ Document the Divine Downloads you receive
πŸ–€ Intentional topical reflection and journaling homework
πŸ–€ Dive deeper into your intuition as you begin to hear God more clearly
πŸ–€ Create an intuition-guided action plan and next steps (this could be for your business, personal life, or both)
BONUS 1: Personal Meditation Box created just for you
BONUS 2: Choice of hard copy or Audible of The Universe Has Your Back by Gabby Bernstein

In addition to everything outlined above, you can also expect:

πŸ–€ Twelve (12) 30-minute 1:1 calls with me (one per week), via phone, Zoom/Skype or in person (if local)
πŸ–€ Unlimited email access to me for support, guidance, help outside of our weekly 1:1 call
πŸ–€ A radical life transformation beyond anything you could imagine

These 3 bonuses are only available for new 1:1 clients who enroll with me between March 15th and March 30th, 2018!!! 

 LIMITED BONUS 1: My first LIVE event is happening in April!! When you sign up to work with me 1:1, you will get a FREE TICKET to attend this live workshop event!! **If you cannot attend this live event, the ticket may be used for one of my future live events! ($247 value!)

πŸ–€ LIMITED BONUS 2: LIVE EVENT UPGRADE!! We are offering an upgraded ticket to an additional 4-week, intensive that will dig even deeper into everything we cover at the LIVE event!! This is either in-person or via live web conference to fit your location, and is an additional $247 value! You will get it for FREE as my 1:1 client!! ($247 value!)

LIMITED BONUS 3: Choice of hard copy or Audible of Judgment Detox by Gabby Bernstein ($25 value!)

If you are tired of feeling stuck in life or in business, tired of that feeling of knowing that you are meant to do more in life, tired of doing the same things in and out and getting the same results, and READY to take the steps that WILL create a massive shift in every corner of your life, this program was made for YOU!

You were created to live a life of ABUNDANCE, of FULFILLMENT and of LIGHT, and I am here to guide you to that road and help you put your life into full bloom.

Whether you have never connected spiritually before, are on the edge of a life shift and not sure of what next steps to take, or are already spiritually grounded but wanting to take your journey to the next level, this program will open new doors for you in your mind and in your life, so that you will become ALIGNED with who you were called to be and all you were created to do, and begin really living in your authentic Truth.

You are called to live the life of Abundance that is waiting for you.
You have been chosen to make an impact in the world around you.
You were meant to live a life of alignment and peace.
And you are WORTH IT.

Enrollment options can be found below. If you need a different payment structure, please message me - I am here to help you change your life, if you are truly ready to. 

Ready to schedule a Revelation Call with me and see if this is a fit for your journey? 

FIRST, book a Revelation Call with me here:


THEN, complete this About You form here:


I look forward to working with you and serving you in the highest good,

for your highest self, in the highest Light.πŸ–€Monique

Is this program open to everyone, no matter what faith or where they are at in their Spiritual journey?
Absolutely! The purpose of this program is to get every single person connected to their Light, begin to realize their Divine Purpose, and transcend to live the life that God created them to live: in their highest potential and highest, most authentic self.
I have reported that working specifically on mindset and transcending their limiting beliefs, has resulted in profound results in their life!

When does the program start?
Immediately after enrollment you will receive your Welcome Packet and begin your journey.

What can I expect from this course? 
Support, love, and guidance into becoming aligned with your Higher Power, your Divine Purpose and your own personal Truth. You will also have a clearer understanding of how to move forward in life and (in business, if applicable) to obtain the goals, dreams and success you desire.

Are you offering a payment plan? 
YES! My desire is that this program is accessible to everyone that is ready for it. You will find details of payments options above. If you need a different structure, please email me and we can work something out.

Are results guaranteed? 
If you honor your journey in showing up daily, do the work and stay committed to the process, a life revolution is inevitable.

More questions? Email me: MoniqueGaffney@gmail.com

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