with Monique Gaffney

A powerful 6-month 1:1 Coaching  program that will empower you to get crystal clear on your Divine Purpose, identify the goals your soul is calling you to, and step fully into your light.

Because you are FULL of Purpose, and you deserve every area of your life to be Purpose-FULL.

The Story

In 2015 I began stepping into my Purpose. I found a business and a platform...but I couldn't 100%, authentically speak my Truth.

I still had fears, wounds and limiting beliefs that held me back from fully and CONFIDENTLY stepping into who I was called and created to be. Yet even knowing deep down that I was meant for more, I didn't know how to move past all that b.s. that I had to wade through every day. So I pressed on for a couple years, one toe in the Purpose pool, but scared to cannon ball in. :)

Sound familiar?

It should, because 99% of the world feels this way. You may have an inkling, an Inner Knowing that you are here on this Earth with a Purpose, but it feels like you're so far from it that you don't have a clue of what it is. Or maybe you, like me, have one toe in your Purpose pool but haven't jumped in yet, and you're just not quite sure why or what's holding you back, when you're pretty balls-out everywhere else!

I can tell you the one thing that both of those people have in common:

There are Core Wounds to be healed - even if you think you don't, I promise you do. :) 

It all starts there, and I know this to be true because that's where I had to start myself, and with God's guidance, began my healing journey. Now what's incredible with that is that in healing, we not only recognize what it is that was out "road block" and how to knock it down, but we make room for God to plant the seeds of Truth, and we can begin to hear our spirit guide us to the work we are called to do in our Purpose.

And then the fun begins! :)

After I did my CWH work, I tapped into my soul and really heard my own spirit guiding me to what goals I should be working on in every area of my life. And guess what I saw in each goal? They were ALL connected to my PURPOSE!!! How RAD is that?!? 

Once I got Purposeful...my life became PURPOSE-FULL, in every. single. aspect.




I mean the list goes on and on, and I'm not even exaggerating. I experienced massive shifts in EVERY area of my life, because I let my spirit guide me, and God open the doors for me to step through. 

That was IT.


I was finally and truly FREE, and I knew that this was my Purpose: to help everyone I could reach in the world to heal their core wounds, so that they could be free to step into their calling and light, and heal the world, too.

I began teaching these courses individually, and everyone had incredible transformations. But earlier this year, I combined it, just like I did for myself, and had my clients go through the steps just like I did 2 years ago that brought me to where I am today...and to say the transformations have been RADICAL is an understatement.

They began seeing the shifts in their lives RAPIDLY, just like I did.
They began seeing the abundance in all areas of their lives, just like I did.
They had confidence in themselves and their Purpose like never before, just like I did.
They had the clarity and freedom their souls craved, just like I did.
And the happiness, the joy of fully stepping into THEM, the true THEM...just like I have.


And then I heard the Message: "Offer it all for those who are READY, just like you were."

And then PurposeFull was born, and now here you are. :)







so please throw all your preconceived notions out the window. :)

If you just happened to stumble across this and do not know me personally, you should know I'm not your "traditional" coach. The one thing I pride myself on as a coach/teacher/mentor is helping women step into their power - to come back and remember their TRUEST, purest, most authentic self, regardless of "what and how everyone else is doing things". There is an immense freedom in truly owning your authenticity; owning who you are, owning your Gifts and Talents, owning your Purpose and owning that you are here to make a massive impact in the world...and not giving 2 sh*ts about what anyone might think or say. I mean truly, it IS the freedom that we all seek, and I teach you how to harness that power and begin to make the impact and income you are afraid to admit you crave. :)

Here's what working with me for 6 months looks like:

Months 1-2:

Healing Core Wounds. Yep. Like I said, it was the basis and catalyst for remembering my Purpose and going all-in in my Purpose work. We cannot step fully into our Purpose until we heal the parts of us that don't believe we can. After you get through this work, you'll be wide open for God to pour the Divine Assignments right into you, and ready to take off running to complete them. It is usually in this work that one's true Divine Purpose emerges and is once again remembered.

Months 2-3:

Soul Goals.  Healing core wounds was hard but necessary work, and Soul Goals is where the fun begins. :) This course takes you through identifying 9 very specific areas of your life that your soul is guiding you to take action in. Think of this as a "vision board" on steroids LOL You will tap into yourself like never before, getting crystal clear on what goals you are being called to work on, and it will be infused with the energy of your Purpose. When I tell you that this is EXTREMELY powerful, I'm not joking. Women who did this with full intention have manifested:
a $350k salary
a new job
a family vacation

$20k IN CASH
public speaking gigs

community service opportunities directly aligned with their Purpose
specific health goals

creating courses



shifts in relationships

I could ramble on and on and on...but you get the drift. This is BIG stuff. Stuff that these women didn't even know they wanted...stuff that before Soul Goals, didn't think they were "worthy" of it, "didn't have time" for, "had no clue how to make it happen"...but when you align with your Soul Goals, what you're really doing is saying, "Jesus take the wheel and tell me where this bus is going. I'm just here for the ride." And what beautiful, abundant, stress-free ride it is, friendsie. You're mind is going to be BLOWN at what the Universe is conspiring in your favor and waiting to shower you with!

Are you getting excited or what?!?

Months 4-6:

Spirit-Guided. Cause that's how I roll, and that's how you will, too. :)  The wheels will be in motion, the ideas won't stop coming, the doors will keep opening and the opportunities will continue falling in your lap like magic. You'll be rarin to keep moving forward, and I will be with you to keep you on course, in action and moving forward as Spirit guides us. Because with all that happening, PLUS daily life on top of it, it is far to easy to feel "overwhelmed", not know where to start, what to do next, "how to" or "if you can".
Whether you're being called to create a course and you've never done it, start coaching and you've never done it, begin teaching workshops or public speaking or writing a book or WHATEVER you are being called to do, I am here to give you the steps, tools, resources and support to make it all happen, bring it to fruition and serve the way you are being guided to!
In a nutshell, these months are all about taking Purposefull, aligned action, because I know that"In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead." (James 2:17, NIV), and that "if you put in the work, God will put in the rest!" (a quote by my momma!)

Who this 1:1 coaching program is for:

  • Have "tried all the things" (eg. traditional therapy, Reiki, energy healing, sound healing, journaling, praying, meditating, etc.) and STILL feeling/knowing that something is holding you back

  • Haven't tried anything but you are ready to release and heal what is holding you back

  • Do not know what your core wounds are but are ready to dig them out, heal and move forward in life

  • Know what your core wound(s) is/are but do not how to "get over" them

  • Ready to break unhealthy chains, patterns and choices that are affecting you and/or others

  • Have a desire to change your family's legacy from hurting to healing

  • Feeling like your just on the cusp of the "next level" but not sure why you cannot move forward

  • Plateaued in your life and not sure why/what to do to move forward

  • Have limiting beliefs that continue to come up despite doing work to overcome them

  • Know you have a Divine Purpose and Calling and are ready to heal the wounds so that you can fully
    step into your light

  • Ready to let go of the bullshit that's holding you back from your GREATNESS and POWER

  • Ready to speak your Truth

  • Have a burning desire to do MORE to make an impact and change the world

  • Prefer to do this work privately versus in a group format


What we'll work on together and what you will experience in this private, 6-month 1:1 coaching:

  • Identifying your Core Wound(s)

  • Taking action in the 6 specific and unique healing steps to begin healing the core wound(s)

  • Remember who you are and squash the BS and lies you've been believing

  • Connecting (or reconnect) to your Higher Power, Higher Self, Inner Truth

  • Reconnecting to YOU

  • Reestablishing new core beliefs anchored in your core Truth

  • Forgiveness of others and self

  • Setting action plans for your Soul Goals

  • Identifying your Gifts, Talents and Zones (zones of competence, excellence an genius)

  • Clarity in your Purpose and direction in how you are being called to serve

  • Taking action on your Purpose work, whatever that looks like for YOU! Purpose work is NOT cookie-cutter - we will be guided by what Spirit is telling YOU and create a plan of action around that. Whether that's to begin public speaking, creating your own course, launching your own coaching biz, starting a podcast and everything else you are being Spirit-Guided to do!

  • Learning how to stay in Purpose, yet releasing control of the outcome. :)

  • Core Wound Healing Certification - you will be certified to do this work with your own clients/family

What's included:

  • 12 (twelve) one-hour private 1:1 calls with me (two per month for 6 months)

  • Access to Healing Core Wounds COURSE (will start month 1) - my signature course that gives you the 6 Keys to healing the lies and limiting beliefs that are holding you back from stepping fully into your light and Purpose. These keys be used over and over again in your life, forever

  • Access to Soul Goals Manifestation Board COURSE (to be started month 2/3, after CWH) - this is another one of my signature courses that helps you tap into your soul's truest desires in every area of your life: mind, body, spirit, relational, personal and business goals. You will gain clarity like never before, and start seeing so much abundance in every area of your life like never before.

  • CERTIFICATION IN CORE WOUND HEALING You will not only complete your own Core Wound Healing work, but you will also complete the work along with it and receive Certification to use this method of healing in your own businesses.

  • Network Marketers/MLM/Direct Sales/Business Clients Once per month TEAM coaching on Healing Core Wounds so that your TEAM is also on a path to healing and Purpose

  • Monthly re-fill of my top secret, private Manifestation oil blend

  • A personal cheerleader who believes in you (that's me), and sees in you what you cannot see in yourself just yet

  • Access to me via email, FB messenger and/or text message in between our 1:1 calls

  • My prayers, love, guidance and support every step of the way

  • Potential to have your story included in my book Healing Core Wounds (with your permission)

  • Signed copy of my book when it is published/released

The Program

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6 Month PRIVATE 1:1 Coaching:

Currently accepting 1:1 clients by application only.
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"Working with Monique was the best investment I have ever made on myself.

I am a personal development junkie and have invested and spent thousands of dollars on books, programs, and coaching over the past 5 years and none of it combined has been as valuable as the 6 weeks I spent working with Monique.
No book, podcast, or program can compare to the level of guidance, leadership, commitment and service Monique provides to her clients. She is very gifted in what she does and her expertise shows.


Just when I thought I’d reached my peak, she would help me to uncover new ways to elevate to the next level, with such ease and flow. Since finishing my 6 weeks of coaching, I have become fully confident in myself and my business. I have seen shifts in my mindset and business that are truly remarkable. I have stepped fully into my power and could not be more grateful for Monique being the catalyst for all of this.

This is an investment that will be (and already has) paid off in ways I could not have imagined."

Tiffany W.

Life Coach, Multi-business Entrepreneur, Podcaster, Professional Network Marketer

"It is so hard to put into words how much my life has changed because of Monique. First of all, she is real and honest and assists you in getting to the core of what your purpose is.

Here are some of the things I have accomplished in 6 months since coaching with Monique:  I launched Be Happy Be Free 6-week Coaching Program, writing my book which will launch this summer, hosted Chakra Bowl Meditation classes, created challenges via Mailchimp, developed my Be Happy Be Free Tribe, hosted A Night of Forgiveness Event, launched my Be Happy Be Free Podcast, created Manifest Meditate and Chill Course around Soul Goals, and developed Transformation Tuesday Interviews via FB Live and just recently began uploading all my content to Youtube, because I got crystal clear in my Purpose.


I am so grateful to Monique as she has assisted me so much to step fully into my purpose."

Jaime Z.

Spiritual Life Coach, Author, Podcaster, Public Speaker

"Working with Monique is a blessing that I will forever be grateful for. She helped me learn so much about myself. Together we discovered my Purpose and my life hasn’t been the same since. My business was literally born out of a one on one coaching call with Monique. It’s so much fun to do “work” now that I can’t even call it work. Monique brought that out in me.


Personally, she is phenomenal. She brought out a confidence in me that I didn’t know I had, but I learned to find from watching her. She is a beautiful example of light. Monique is a good friend and is one of my loudest cheerleaders. But she’s not a yes-girl, lol. She stands for her beliefs and helps me see past the face of something into the deeper parts of it, even if they aren’t so pretty.


Because of Monique’s teachings, I have been able to help others see past the surface of their ego into their soul. I am forever grateful to her and continue to share her and her teachings with people I come across."

Melissa H.

Virtual Assistant, Accountant

Client  Praise

in working 1:1 with Monique

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