You may also know me as The Spirit Guided Coach,

but it hasn't always been that way...

I spent the majority of my life hearing my spirit call me to the right direction, and completely ignoring it, SURE I could find the path faster and easier myself. (sound familiar?!) Welp, the joke was on me. My "faster, easier" route took me on what I like to call my "corporate detour" for a solid 17 years of my life, doing work that had me hustling, grinding and miserable...but making almost 6-figures a year. #NotTheDream

I've always had an entrepreneurial spirit, though. In between all that corporate ladder climbing, I tried my hand at starting my own businesses, doing the things I loved to do: photography, blogging, and various online businesses, including network marketing. The thing was, none of them stuck and honestly felt like something was still missing. And although I was REALLY good at what I was doing, once it became work I quickly hated doing it - even if it was a passion of mine!

As destiny would have it, in 2017 I made a desperate

Soul Contract with God:

Show me the next door is to walk through, and I'll take the next step. And I'll keep taking them, no questions asked.

Well in case you didn't know, God does not play! LOL Doors immediately began opening, and I just kept saying "yes" and taking the next steps. Within a month of that, I stepped fully into my Divine Purpose and launched my own coaching business as The Spirit Guided Coach. To say it's been a wild, amazing, abundant ride is an understatement! Literally all of my dreams of pouring into women's lives to help them step into THEIR Purpose have come true. 

I only work Spirit-guided, which means I do not follow a "schedule" or a specific "plan". I ask what the next step is, wait, and then take action.

I do not have a revolving 1:1 door - I only take 1:1 Clients by referral only. I only launch courses and programs and host retreats and workshops when I hear the whisper that it's time. I only take on speaking engagements when I know that is the next door to walk through. I only collaborate and work with people when I am 100% sure it's been Spirit-guided. "

Every single thing I do now must be completely aligned with my Divine Purpose.

And because of that, in less than two year's time, I have worked with hundreds of women both in personal and business coaching, hosted events and workshops, retreats and so much more, all with God as my Guide, and with the sole intention of living and working in my Divine Purpose every single day to help those that are ready to heal their wounds, remember their Purpose and live their Truth...and my prayer is that you are one of The Intended that I have the honor to guide to do the same.


In Love, Light and Purpose,

Monique Gaffney