Monique Gaffney is the founder and co-creator of Core Wound Healing™. It gives people the 6 Keys to heal the core wounds that have held them back their entire lives. When her clients begin the work and do all of the steps in the exact sequence as it’s written, the life transformation is undeniably incredible and will make you think that healing is possible. With Core Wound Healing™, she created the Self  Healers Academy™, MLM Leadership Academy™, and the Core Wound Healing™ Certification Program.

From pretty much birth until Monique was 10, she grew up with her mom, and eventually her brother. They struggled, her mom was a single mom and a teen mom. When she was 10, her mother had her little sister. Monique doesn't usually see her real dad much aside from occasional weekend visits, but her dad was a great hardworking man. Unfortunately, she wasn’t always surrounded by great men and learned this when a trusted male adult within her family took advantage of her and shifted the trajectory of her entire life in one moment when he sexually violated Monique at only eight years old.

Worked Hard And Landed A "Career Without College"

For 17 years, Monique worked her way up the corporate ladder, making nearly a 6-figure income as a single, teen mom with only a GED and zero college education. She drove fancy cars and had nice clothes and lived by the beach. But none of that could dull the pain she was holding inside from that wound that 8-year old Monique was holding on to. She kept pushing it down, covering it up, hiding it.

And by all accounts, to anyone looking at her from the outside, even friends on the inside, she looked accomplished. She “had it all together”. She was a “survivor”. She was “more than a conqueror”.

But it was all a facade; a picture she had built and a story she created so that no one could see the pain inside of her if they were busy oohing and aahing over her success.

In 2015, Monique had this overwhelming feeling that she needed to start taking care of her body; her health. She began following a clean, healthy nutrition plan and working out daily.

She began meditating – again, out of an “inner calling” – and found a meditation on YouTube. She began listening to it daily and before she knew it, she was beginning a path of healing all of the wounds she had tucked down deep inside of her in her whole life. She began having “Divine Downloads”, which basically was God telling her what to do, and she began step by step, uncovering the wounds within, and healing them.

And that’s how Core Wound Healing began. And because of doing that work and seeing a radical transformation in her own life, Monique shifted her business from being only health-focused, to all-encompassing mind, body, and spirit work, and became The Spirit Guided Coach, where she now knows it is her Purpose, to help people heal their Core Wounds, remember their Purpose and live their Truth.

The beautiful thing about this work is the moment we heal and release the things that we have allowed to hold us back, is the moment we are free to step into our Purpose work – the work that we were put here to do. We simply cannot do our Purpose work while we’re working so hard and spending all our energy to suppress our hurts and pain and show the world we’re “fine”. That’s what Monique is known for – helping people heal their Core Wounds, remember their Purpose (we always know what it is), and step fully into their light and calling to serve the world the way they are intended to.


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Monique Gaffney always believed that the 6 keys are a blessing to her life.