Core Wound Healing was gifted to me out of my own desperation to step fully into my Divine Purpose - the reason I am here on this Earth.

After following the steps one by one, I was finally "healed" from the wounds that had held me back for my entire life: I could speak about my story openly without shame, fear or judgment. I remembered who I am, and what I was called and created to do here on this earth. 


I was finally and truly FREE, and I knew that this was my Purpose: to help everyone I could reach in the world to heal their core wounds, so that they could be free to step into their calling and light, and heal the world, too.

The wounds that others inflict upon us, and sometimes, the ones we inflict ourselves.

What this is NOT:


This is not a mystical "healing" or "distance" healing. I'm not sending you energy, having you rub oils on anything or say chants (although if you want to enhance your personal experience with those things, go for it!).

What this IS:

Core Wound Healing is doing specific work to heal the invisible wounds that reside deep inside of you. Kind of like when you get a cold - you can't see it, but you can sure feel it, and it doesn't feel very good until your body heals. :) Well Core Wounds are 100,000 times worse than a cold, and dramatically shift the trajectory of our lives until they are healed. In working with me, you will take very specific, tangible steps and begin the "healing" process of those things that are haunting you, holding you back and keeping you from living the life of freedom you crave.

If one or more of the following resonates, then the Healing Core Wounds Course is for you:

  • Have experienced a trauma of any kind that haunts you

  • Have "tried all the things" (eg. traditional therapy, Reiki, energy healing, sound healing, journaling, praying, meditating, etc.) and STILL feeling/knowing that wound/trauma or "something" is holding you back

  • Haven't tried anything but you are ready to release and heal what is holding you back

  • Do not know what your core wounds are but are ready to dig them out, heal and move forward in life

  • Know what your core wound(s) is/are but do not how to "get over" them

  • Ready to break unhealthy chains, patterns and choices

  • Have a desire to change your family's legacy from hurting to healing

  • Feeling like your just on the cusp of the "next level" but not sure why you cannot move forward

  • Plateaued in your life and not sure why/what to do to move forward

  • Have limiting beliefs that continue to come up despite doing work to overcome them

  • Know you have a Divine Purpose and Calling and are ready to heal the wounds so that you can fully step into your light

  • Ready to let go of the bullshit that's holding you back from your GREATNESS and POWER

  • Ready to speak your Truth

  • Have a burning desire to do MORE to make an impact and change the world


What you'll work on and experience in this 6-module course:

  • Identifying your Core Wound(s)

  • Taking action in the 6 specific and unique healing steps to begin healing the core wound(s)

  • Remember who you are and squash the BS and lies you've been believing

  • Connecting (or reconnect) to your Higher Power

  • Reconnecting to YOU

  • Reestablishing new core beliefs anchored in your core Truth

  • Begin discovering or have greater clarity of your Divine Purpose

What's included:

  • Either 1-day in-person 1:1 VIP session OR 3-day Virtual VIP session (more details will be provided on our call)

  • The 6 Keys to moving forward and healing your Life, given in course format with 6 modules (plus bonus modules), to be used over and over again in your healing journey

  • Soul Steps (aka "soul work") you'll take in your healing and reconnecting to your Truth and Power

  • A personal Guide who walks you through the Keys and is committed to your healing journey

  • A private group community of others on their core wound healing journey

  • Corresponding guided workbook

  • Lots of "aha's", clarity, release, and freedom experienced in this work!!

  • Potential to have your story included in my book about Core Wound Healing

"We cannot make the impact in the world that

our soul is calling us to, until we heal the wounds

that hold us back from doing so."

- Monique Gaffney

Core Wound Healing

Core Wound Healing

Core Wound Healing

6 powerful unique keys to heal your core wounds,

remember who you are and finally release what is holding you back from living

the life of freedom and abundance that is rightfully yours.

Begin Healing

Begin Healing

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if this work is a fit for you:

"I was struggling with getting through old behaviors and I knew they no longer served me. It was suggested I do Monique’s Core Wound Healing Course by my Coach because she had herself and she experienced an incredible transformation. I knew that I was so ready for change and opened to the Core Wound Healing process, completed Monique’s Course, and followed the full Steps to Core Wound Healing. Just as my coach said it would, it COMPLETELY changed my life. Within a week, I became clear with my true purpose, which came through when I did the “Forgiveness & Gratitude” step.


Because of this work, I experienced what I am calling my “Core Wound Awakening”, and I highly recommend and encourage anyone who is ready and opened to change to take Monique’s Core Wound Healing course."

Celebrity Chef

Peg P.

"I had a turning point and a huge breakthrough took place when I completed the Core Wound Healing Course. My oh my- I had been doing personal development for 7 years at this point and I was knocked down full on releasing in a way I never have. It was like a light bulb went on and I could finally see every single dot (people and events in my life) and how they connected. I understood my past and how it led me to who I am.

What I want to mention is that doing this CWH is not easy and you must be ready for it. If you are not open and ready, it won’t work the same. However, IF you are, it allows you to let go and fully step into your power. What is amazing is that the work and awareness keep coming as time goes on, and you will continue to heal and understand yourself as you go about life and things occur. Your perspective is forever changed and you see things as they really are. Because of this work, I became a new person on a level I had never been before.

The Core Wound Healing Course is so beyond powerful that I successfully beta-tested it for her with a client of my own, and the client's transformation was equally as incredible as my own. I am so confident in CWH that I plan to become an official CWH Certified Coach so I can teach it with my own clients."

Spiritual Life Coach, Author, Podcaster, Public Speaker

Jaime Z.

"Monique is the most unique and amazing person to experience...

working with her in person took me to a whole other level!

I came to her conference and experienced the Core Wound Healing teachings LIVE, and went only to support a friend. The unexpected transformation I received for MYSELF was mind blowing. I remembered and released Core Wounds I had suppressed and plagued me my entire life. Doing this work led me to a freedom I had never known - it changed how I showed up my marriage, helped me heal my relationship with my mother, parent differently with my children, but best of all, love and forgive myself fully and step completely unapologetically into who I AM.


​This woman radiates so much positive energy and can teach you how to  overcome your own self doubt and step on the other side of fear where endless gifts from God lie."

Stay-at-home mom of 3

Cassandra H.

Client Praise

for Core Wound Healing

Client Praise

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