Core Wound Healing


A Certification Program for those who are ready and willing to step out and

heal the world.

If you are someone who has a strong desire to make a GREAT impact in the world, you are in the right place. As a Certified Core Wound Healer, you will have the exact steps (aka "Keys") that were Divinely given to me for my own core wound healing, which I have now given to others for their healing.

If you are new to Core Wound Healing, let me give you some answers to the questions you may be asking, and then get into the details of how the certification program will work.

What are "core wounds", and how do you "heal" them?

In a nutshell, core wounds are persons/places/things/events/traumas that a person experiences that shifts the trajectory of their life for the worse. Core Wounds lead people to make choices, take actions and speak words that are not "them"; not true to who they really are, and that they never would have if not for the wound.

Core Wounds lead people to experience anxiety, depression, sadness, guilt, blame, shame, distrust, hate, low self esteem, weight problems, confidence issues, fear of many things, limiting beliefs and even suicide.







It's all they know as a defense.

And while no one wants to feel or experience any of those things, they don't know how to get out of the pattern and cycle. It feels like "nothing works", so they literally give up on themselves, give up on hope of change and healing, and sometimes sadly give up on life.

The great news is that healing IS possible. Yes, there are many different ways and modalities to healing our inner wounds, but quite frankly this is THE ONLY WAY that I have seen work and truly get people to a space of healing and understanding the wound and themselves in a way they never have before.


The actual "healing work" is not hands-on, it's not sending someone "love and light" or praying or anything else that you may think of when you hear the word "heal". It's actually 6 Keys (like steps) that unlock the doors to healing when done in the order they are presented. These 6 Keys were given to me Divinely by God (that is what I call my Higher Power and I do not judge what reference you use) when I was ready to heal my own core wounds 2 years ago. When I completed the work in the order it was given to me, I was finally set free from a sexual trauma wound that I carried with me from the age of 8. A wound that plagued the majority of my life finally no longer had control over me, I could see it all for what it really was, and even better, see MYSELF for who I really am without the wound.

That's what Core Wound Healing does - each Key gives us the exact thing we need to do to continue to understand and release the wound that we have gripped onto, even when we no longer want to. Core Wound Healing shows us who we REALLY are underneath the wound: a perfect extension of our Light Source that has a Divine Purpose and mission to fulfill here.

And it's been the most incredible thing to witness other women experience that deep level healing with the 6 Keys to Core Wound Healing. And now it's time to reach even more people, and really start healing the world.


Why a certification program?

The Core Wound Healing Coaching Certification program was born from request by every person who experienced it: they wanted to teach it and bring it into THEIR businesses, too. With prompting from Spirit, I created this certification  for one reason and one reason only:

To give as many people in the world as possible the 6 Keys to heal their Core Wounds.


I can not say enough that hurt people will continue to hurt people and I truly believe that is why the world is in the state it is. We live in a fallen world, a world drenched in sadness, depression, anxiety, hate, loathing, fear, lust, greed, harm, abuse, suicide and every other horrible thing we see and hear about. But that's not the true nature of a soul; people are not born to hate, not born in fear - it is all part of the identity they take on to protect themselves from hurting even more. They continue to make choices and take actions from a space of hurting deep inside until it changes who they are and eventually become someone else completely. To many, and to themselves, they are unrecognizable.

They are hurting and so they continue to hurt themselves and others. But on the flipside, I firmly believe and have witnessed this truth:


And that is why I am positive that Core Wound Healing is the antidote to begin shifting this world from hurting to healed.

But I am only one person; I can only reach so many and while that will change lives and the world around me, it will take much longer to help heal the world in a bigger capacity. By locking arms with other Lightworkers, Healers and world-changers, and certifying them to be Core Wound Healers, an unfathomable amount of people will receive the Keys that they desperately seek to heal the wounds that have plagued them for a lifetime.

What does the certification program entail?

This certification program will give those who are ready the ability to teach/coach these exact Keys to their clients, family, friends, in workshops and events. You will have access to my course forever, and your CWH clients will as well. The course itself includes 10+ video teachings and a digital workbook. As part of your work, you will have additional modules and work to do in order to complete your certification.

Core Wound Healing Certification Program overview:

  • You complete the Course yourself first. After you have completed the course in full, you will be trained in how to use the Core Wound Healing© course with your clients.

  • You will not have to create anything as EVERYTHING will be provided for you including the course and workbook, client intake and exit questionnaire templates, client session training and business strategy.

  • You will be given the tools and resources to create a strategy for this program in your business. In essence, this is more than just a certification program; this program is ready for you to start working with clients as soon as you complete it and is set up to equip you up to not only make an incredible impact in lives, but also make an income IMMEDIATELY.

  • You will be able to incorporate this course to clients online, one on one, in groups, in workshops...anywhere that fits YOUR business model and impact goals.


What’s included in the Program?

  • Lifetime access to the Core Wound Healing© course and course materials, including any future additions/updates (click here for a more in-depth overview of the Course)

  • 2 coaching sessions with me to support you in your coaching others (approximately one per month)

  • Business strategy, tools and resources to launch CWH into your business

  • 30-50% affiliate commission per course sold so you can immediately make an income AND impact! *see notes below

  • 20% affiliate commission for referrals to this certification program

What will the Certification experience look like?

You will spend the first weeks completing the program and experiencing it for yourself. In order to teach it and believe in it, you must first experience it. Ideally, the 6-week certification period will look like this:

  • Weeks 1-2: Completing CWH Course yourself (with me OR another Certified Coach in a Virtual 1:1 + going through the course)

  • Weeks 3-4: Obtaining 2 paid CWH Clients of your own for case study (with my help and oversight)

  • Weeks 5-6: Focus on your business strategy with CWH and serving Clients effectively

If you do this in a timely manner, you will easily become a CWH Coach within the 6 week recommended period (or sooner). If you need more time, that is okay too; you can work on this training at your own pace, but you will have to submit your 2 case studies in order to receive your certificate of completion.


Ideally, who is this Certification Program for?

This program is a perfect compliment for anyone who is looking for either another modality/system to include in their “toolbelt”, and/or have a calling to help people heal at a deeper level and make a global impact in the healing of the world at large. This might include (but not limited to!):

  • Personal Coaches (life, business, spiritual)

  • Healers in different modalities (Reiki, Body/Emotion Code, hypnotherapists, EFT, etc.)

  • Health/Fitness/Nutrition/Wellness Coaches

  • Team Leaders (network marketing, corp/business leaders/admin, etc.)

  • Those who are feeling a call to help heal the world this way, but have no current business and need guidance to get started making an impact and income as a Healer and Coach

Is there anyone that this Certification Program NOT for?

If you are

  • not willing to do the deeper soul-level work by completing this course for yourself first,

  • not willing to complete the certification work as outlined above,

  • are not interested in serving the world in a bigger capacity,

  • are a “collector” of certifications,

  • do not believe in meditation,

  • do not believe that we are all here with a Divine Purpose, or most importantly,

  • do not believe in a Higher Power (God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit for me),

this course and certification is most definitely NOT for you.

Other important notes:

  1. This certification DOES NOT allow you to certify others in Core Wound Healing. Anyone who would like to become certified in Core Wound Healing has to take the certification program from me. If you have a client that loves this work and expresses interest in becoming certified, they would be referred to me by you. Anyone who has purchased the Course will be given the opportunity to enroll in the certification program at a discounted price.

  2. The Core Wound Healing Course is subject to all copyright laws and may not be distributed outside of my platform. This means you MAY NOT share the Course with a client or anyone without the client purchasing the course (this protects me, you/your business and the program from devaluing, and also protects you from depleting your energy with someone who does not have a vested interest).

  3. As a Certified Core Wound Healer, you will be eligible for 30% commission from each of your clients that purchases the Core Wound Healing Course. This commission is NOT paid on the 2 (two) case studies that you must complete for certification. You will also be eligible to receive 20% commission for any referrals that enroll in the Certification Program. Full details will be outlined in your agreement upon enrollment.

Healed people help others heal.

Because hurt people hurt people.

Let's Chat!

If you are feeling called to this certification or just to serve the world in a bigger capacity, please click my calendar below and schedule a FREE 30 minute Strategy Session with me!

I would love to hear how you are currently serving the world and offer my expertise on how you can start making an even BIGGER impact and income! Bring me your questions, hiccups and hangups that you have in your business and at the very least after our session, you will walk away with clarity and possibly some new ideas on how to move forward in making a more PurposeFULL impact in healing the world!!

Talk soon,


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