Hire Me to Speak & Inspire!

Hire Me to Speak & Inspire!

Private Retreats & Workshops

If you are a Coach or Network Marketing Leader planning your next workshop or retreat, consider bringing me as your Guest Speaker/Teacher!

Having been on both sides of the fence, I bring a fresh perspective, immense knowledge and even more soul! Bringing my inspirational message to intimate, private retreats and workshops are one of my favorite things!

Most Coaches and Network Marketing Leaders make the mistake of hiring Guest Speakers that bring strategy. Your team and your clients are hearing and thinking strategy all. the. time.! The last thing they need to re-ignite them on a retreat is MORE strategy!

This is where I do things differently: I bring SOUL - because that was the biggest defining factor and addition to turning my online business from feeling like a rocky roller coaster to a profitable, 5-figure month business that flows with ease, grace and Purpose.

As your guest speaker at your intimate retreat or workshop, I am able to teach, inspire and bust through blocks and barriers on a much more personal level, giving your event attendees a transformation and experience like they've never had at a retreat before!

Conferences & Events

Whether it's a keynote or breakout session, I bring a new voice, fresh perspective and inspiration that your attendees will want more of!

With real life experience from being a teen mom at the age of 16 to climbing

corporate ladders making a 6-figure income,

to then leaving Corporate America to

pursue my life's Purpose, I bring the message

of perseverance in adversity, success in

the small things, and finding your power in

your Purpose.

Attendees will leave not only feeling

inspired, but will have clarity on why they

have ever felt "stuck", have experienced
tangible tools, and know what they can

begin implementing in their life to start

seeing the shifts to make the impact and

income they crave.

Topics and Areas of  Expertise

HEALING CORE WOUNDS: The Key to Moving Forward and Healing your LIFE.

In the more intimate setting of a private retreat or small workshop, Guests will learn what Core Wounds are, what Core Wound Healing is, and experience immediate shifts, "healing" and release of baggage as I personally lead them through the

6 steps of Core Wound Healing. This more in-depth work has been done with a max group of 20, and is approximately 4 hours with a break in between. It can be broken up over 2-3 days if time/schedule permits, versus a 1-day intensive.

Most importantly, your guests/attendees will leave not only transformed, but will have these steps to continue their

healing and growth journey long after the event. 

More about Healing Core Wounds HERE

SOUL GOALS: Chakra-aligned Manifestation Board

One of the most bonding exercises a group can do together is goal-setting, and I bring that in the most personal, UNIQUE way with Soul Goals!               

Be warned: this is NOT your momma's typical "cut some pictures out and glue on" vision board party!


Soul Goals is the ONLY course that will teach you and your guests how to harness the power and energy of the Chakras to align with your soul’s truest desires in every area of your life, and bring them all to fruition!

This is a really unique way to have your guests not only "dream big", but dig deep into what their soul is calling them to do, and take action on it! In this workshop, they'll:

  • learn the difference between "vision boards" and this Manifestation Board

  • learn Chakra 101 basics

  • learn Manifestation/Law of Attraction basics

  • learn the difference between ego goals and Soul Goals

  • get massive clarity on what they are being called to work toward and achieve

  • have a greater understanding and connection to themselves and their Purpose

  • make their own Soul Goals Manifestation Board on-site!

Retreats & Workshops

Conferences & Events

HEALING CORE WOUNDS: Healing the wounds that are holding us back from living the life of freedom and abundance we crave

In a larger setting where this topic is the Keynote or a breakout, the talk will be modified more to what Core Wounds are, what Core Wound Healing is and why it is necessary for anyone who wants to break free from old hurts, bondage, cycles and patterns that they carry not only for a lifetime, but receive and pass on generationally. The audience will hear personal stories of my own core wounds and healing, and learn the 6 steps they can take to begin healing the wounds and step into the life of freedom and abundance they crave, and allow them to finally step into their own Purpose and calling, to make the impact in the world they are called to. 
This less in-depth talk is approximately 1 hour for Keynote, and can be pared down to 20-30 minutes for a breakout. In either case, they will leave not only enlightened and filled with hope, but with action steps to take and begin their own healing and growth journey after the event.

More about Healing Core Wounds HERE

Network Marketing events

Conferences & Events

Retreats & Workshops

Network Marketing events

IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE HARD! Growing your business with flow, ease, grace and AUTHENTICITY

After 4 long years of MLM Network Marketing with a reputable industry company, I could no longer endure the old "network marketing mantras" of "hustle harder", "work more", and "do hard things".

I spent those 4 years in "hustle mode", doing things that were not only "hard", but didn't feel good! I'm a pretty fearless woman. Doing "hard things" I absolutely hated cold messaging, loathed the thought of posting 3-5 times a day, and falling into the FOMO trap - the trap of "what if I don't rank?" "what if I don't hit my target new customer number??" What if I don't earn that trip?" IT WAS EXHAUSTING. And beyond exhausting, it was mentally, emotionally and physically draining.


But everything shifted when I began asking myself the RIGHT questions...and these questions eventually led me to my Truth, to my calling and to my Purpose. 

The kicker??

I didn't have to quit my network marketing gig, but I also no longer felt like it I had to chase anyone else's version of success, found my own authentic voice and began making MORE MONEY doing LESS WORK than I had in the 4 years prior.

And now I teach other women in Network Marketing who are feeling lost, stuck and ready to make the impact and income they desire exactly HOW TO. And Guests and attendees of this talk will leave feeling refreshed, inspired and having heard something that they are very seldom taught in the MLM/Network Marketing world:


That there is a different way, and it really doesn't have to be hard.

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"Changing the world actually takes a little LESS strategy,

and a lot MORE soul."

"Changing the world actually takes a little LESS strategy,

and a lot MORE soul."

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