For Network Marketing Leaders and Teams who are ready to

do MLM different.™

In order to do MLM different, you have to do LEADERSHIP different.

As an Entrepreneur and a Business Woman, you will begin your healing journey all together in this awesome program.

Heal the wounds that have been holding you back from being the BEST LEADER, and then be empowered with all the tools that will bring the best in you!!

If you are feeling or experiencing any of the following in your business...

...this is exactly where you need to be!!

In as little as 3 SHORT DAYS, I guide Leaders and Teams in MLM, Network Marketing and Direct Sales on removing their BIGGEST BLOCK that is holding them back from creating the dream team, impact and income they crave!

I 've been where you are.

Having been in the MLM industry myself for 5 years,

I've seen and done it all.

I joined my MLM full of fire, passion and intention to spread the word about the very thing that had changed my life! I wanted every woman and family to experience the life changing magic I had!
So I went all in. Even working a full time job making a high 5-figure salary at the time, I could envision myself leaving that job and building a network marketing empire from home, with my kids on the sidelines and hubby cheering me along the way.
I could picture myself leading a team of women who all wanted the same: the freedom of time and money, to become the moms and wives they could be if they had more time and money.
And at first it happened, just like that. Because passion and fire and excitement and the dream of "what could be" will shoot you forward quickly! I hit ranks and grew a small team and downline in the same record time, garnering the attention of even obtaining a Corporate Mentor.

But only a year and a half in, it wasn't feeling the same. The fire, the passion, the excitement...all dwindled down as the hustle, grind and "do more" mentality took over, because that was what was being taught to me from the top.

That was the red flag I should have seen as a warning...and am here to help you shift out of.
You don't have to quit your MLM. You don't have to give up what you've built (unless you are feeling called to, of course!). But I'm here to tell you something that maybe no one in the industry has so far:
If you DO feel called to step further into your Leadership,
if you ARE feeling like you have a bigger message
beyond the company and product,
and you DO want to stay in your MLM business,

You have the power to do your business COMPLETELY differently, LEAD your team with integrity, and SHOW UP for your audience and followers with true authenticity, without fear, and make the impact your soul craves to make...which ultimately results in the ABUNDANCE YOU DESIRE.

How the High Performance Downline™ Program gives you the Keys to #DoMLMDifferent™

It all starts with YOU.

Yep, I said it! It's not that you need a new strategy, that you need to learn the newest social media trends, that you need to post more selfies, or jump on TikTok or write better captions or hire a web desiger or "brand yourself" or read more books or listen to more PD, or join more groups or send more "hey girl" messages or, or, or...

*phew* that is exhausting sounding, isn't it?!


The tactics and strategies will only get you SO FAR, if you have shiz inside of you that is holding you back from showing up FULLY in your network marketing business.


Your business is a direct reflection of what is going on inside of you. Feeling stalled in your biz? Feeling up and down in your volume and income no matter how consistent you are in all the "things"? Feel like you just can't recruit your "soul" partners? Feel fear? Feel judgmental? Feel FOMO? Feel comparison creepin? Feel like your spinning your wheels?


That's all you, sis. But it's OK, cause you're HUMAN! And those are warning signs, NOT things you need to push past! If you continue to ignore those feelings (aka messages) and focus on the tactics and strategies, you will keep gettting what you have gotten so far. Cause one thing I know:



When we choose to face all of these feelings/warning signs/negative emotions and actually figure out where they stemmed from, we can then HEAL THEM, shift the energy and become EMPOWERED - in ourselves, in our Leadership and in our businesses!

Imagine being able to have the tools to use IMMEDIATELY, over and over again, when ever any of these "blocks" comes up in your biz! How would that feel?! How many more people would you actually reach? How much more IMPACT would you be able to make in the world?!

Cause when all is said and done, THAT is what you are here for, right!? With my guidance in my 6-Step proprietary Core Wound Healing™ course, you will remove the blocks, show up in your full authenticity without reservations, make the impact you are called to...and the ABUNDANCE you seek will come raining down.


November Session begins 11/16!
Doors close 11/13 - Lock your spot in NOW!


Nov 16 - Nov 20, 2020
  • ONE 5-day GROUP
    Core Wound Healing™ Session

  • Lifetime access to the Core Wound Healing™ Course

  • Main HPD™ Group for continued support

  • Founder of Core Wound Healing™ and High Performance Downline™, Monique Gaffney and Certified Core Wound Healer™, Beth Hostetler as your Guides!

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