This is NOT your momma's typical "cut some pictures out and glue on" vision board gathering!

Me and Melissa Vasquez, your very own co-facilitators of The Miracle Mom are coming together to bring you a UNIQUE manifestation event like no other!!


Yes, we will cut out some pictures. Yes, we will use glue. But that's where the similarities end in what we are going to have you create.


IT'S SO DIFFERENT than anything you've ever done, that we refuse to call it a "vision board", because it truly IS a MANIFESTATION BOARD!!


I mean think about it: how many "vision boards" have you created only to see out of all the clippings you pasted on, mayyyyyybe one or two things actually come to fruition? And how disappointing is it year after year, to get your hopes up, then to be let down?! Don't worry, we did those, too. #NoJudgment!


Well that cycle ends HERE. We're going to teach you the missing pieces, and if you follow every step, you will have the absolute desires of your heart identified and ready to co-create with the Universe and MANIFEST them into REALITY. Cool bonus: this is a COURSE that Monique has created and will be releasing for sale to the public, and YOU will get to experience it before anyone else!!


Are you ready to make 2019 your BEST YEAR YET?!





In 2018 Melissa and I each manifested our entire year of our dreams according to our deepest desires. We've EACH manifested the money, clients, travel, business, friendships, relationships (and even THIS event!) that our hearts TRULY desired, using specific tools and techniques that take a "vision board" to the next freaking level. #WeDontPlay


And we're ready to teach YOU how to do the very same!! Join us on Saturday, January 19th for MANIFEST 2019, an intimate event we have created that will bring in all the elements to get you in the perfect manifesting aura!! Just imagine this: You arrive at a picturesque location with incredible landscape scenery set in an beautiful location in San Diego. You step inside, and just exhale as you walk into a space that has the smell, energy and feel of Divine LOVE. You have the day to yourself to wander, lounge, nap, journal, meditate, reflect, get in touch with your Higher Self and really begin to SEE what 2019 holds for you.  You will be in the most sacred, safe space for you to relax and unwind, experience a group meditation infused with Reiki, come back to Self, release whatever is no longer serving you or holding you back, and then be open to fully co-creating your truest desires in the evening when we create our Manifestation Boards together!!

Event Details and Ticket Options


Ticket includes:

  • Full day experience, arrival at 11am (event concludes at 8pm)

  • Access to grounds/garden for walks, relaxation, meditation

  • Access to the pool

  • Manifestation Labyrinth with in-labyrinth mini-Reiki healing

  • Lunch, snacks and non-alcoholic drinks

  • Group meditation

  • Group Reiki healing with sound bowl

  • Swag bag

  • All Manifestation board preparation, instructions, and materials



Ticket includes:

  • Arrival at 5pm (event concludes at 8pm)

  • Group meditation

  • Group Reiki healing with sound bowl

  • Light snacks and non-alcoholic drinks

  • All Manifestation board preparation, instructions, and materials




This is the one event you absolutely won't want to miss!!


Your Manifesting Mentors

Our Guest Healer

Riss Mahaffey

Daughter of our great Mother Earth and the vast cosmos, Riss Mahaffey is a healer of many facets.
As a certified Reiki practitioner, certified yoga instructor, sound healer, meditation facilitator, crystal healer, divination reader, moon circle facilitator, plant therapist and uncovering her gifts of a natural clairvoyant, you could say she loves to lay the magik on thick (and as a Gemini she can’t help but dip her toes into a little bit of everything)!
She follows her dharma of guiding people to strip down to the most vulnerable and authentic versions of themselves and does it with a big open heart and a baby on her hip, sometimes literally! She is a mother of two wonderful little humans who hold the biggest piece of her heart with entirety of every living thing as a close second.
You can always count on her for a really real laughing, crying, healing, raw, magikal good time.

Learn more about her work and to contact her here:

Monique Gaffney

The Spirit Guided Coach, co-creator of The Miracle Mom

Monique is a southern California native, married mom of 3 girls and 1 furboy. Finally stepping into her role as "The Spirit Guided Coach" after a 17 year "corporate detour", Monique now teaches other women what she has learned: how to heal their life in mind, body, and spirit, and discover their Divine Purpose so that they can speak authentically, love wholly,

and live their Truth. 

With over 20 years of experience in business management, leadership, sales, marketing, mentoring and having successfully grown multiple businesses of her own alongside and after her "corporate detour", Monique knows her stuff. Her current focus is using her Gifts and Talents and tools to equip other women in aligning their Purpose with their business, and ultimately, their life, to see true abundance in all ways.  

If you've ever had that whisper or feeling that says, "I know I should be doing something MORE with my life...", she is here to confirm that you have indeed been called to do great things, to live in Love and for a Purpose, and she is honored to guide you on that journey.

Melissa Vasquez

The Mama Mentor, co-creator of The Miracle Mom

Melissa Vasquez has always felt the call to help people; it's the reason she chose her career in emergency services as a 911 Dispatcher. She's spent the last 15 years serving the community she grew up in and has made it her mission to shine light in a field with so much darkness.

While helping countless people through life & death emergencies as well as day to day family issues has been a big part of her calling, she discovered her true passion was to serve mothers. After many years of feeling lost in motherhood and life in general, Melissa found herself through personal development and spirituality.

She now refers to herself The Mama Mentor and helps other moms who feel lost navigate back to themselves using the same tools. Melissa also supports moms in their parenting journey by reinforcing the philosophy of "leading with love." Melissa is married and has 4 children, and feels her kids have taught her the most about life and how to love. She believes love is perfect and when we lead with it, there are no mistakes.


I need to plan ahead. Where is MANIFEST 2019 being held/what is the exact address?

MANIFEST 2019 will be held in south San Diego County. The exact location/address will be emailed to all attendees after ticket purchase.

What should I bring to be prepared?

All manifestation board materials will be provided. Here is our list of suggested, optional items to bring to make your experience more comfortable and personal:

  • Sweater/jacket

  • Blanket and/or pillow

  • Yoga or meditation mat

  • Favorite journal

  • Crystals, jewelry, photos, figurines that you find comforting and/or inspirational and would like to place on the Manifestation Alter (will be infused with the energy of the event!)

If I can't come, will a refund be given?

Due to the nature of planning the event around the exact attendance count, all ticket sales are final and no refunds will be given.

Have another question that wasn't answered here?

Shoot us an email here: TheMiracleMoms@gmail.com

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