I remember when I began my personal growth journey while I was building my network marketing business. As I began to grow and evolve PERSONALLY, my business seemed to slow down and get stuck. It felt like I didn't match it or it didn't match me! But I also wasn't ready to walk away, I knew something just needed to shift, so I took the steps I'm giving you here in MLM Makeover™.

See the things is, as we grow, evolve, and level up, we need our business to follow along! If it doesn't, it can fizzle out and feel like another thing that didn't work. But when you learn how to grow the SOUL of your business along with YOUR soul growth,

When you join us in MLMMO, in just 6 short weeks you'll get the tools, guidance, and resources to completely makeover your MLM biz to match who you are NOW, what your message is, and remove any mindset blocks so you can confidently re-launch your business and show up with confidence, clarity and a new fire in you...and your biz!


MLM Mentor + Business Expander + Clarity Queen and Founder of the ONLY MOBILE APP exclusively for Women in Network Marketing:


Monique has nearly a decade of experience in direct sales, and nearly two decades in sales, business development, and leadership.

Her love affair with the NWM industry started out probably just like you: as a customer first, then a rep where she quickly made it to the top 1% hitting ranks, building a team, earning income,
trips and recognition.

She now is a sought-after growth mentor for women in MLM from CEOs to Top 1% Leaders to those just getting started. In an industry that is dominated by masculine energy, Monique brings a breath of fresh feminine energy, with Purpose as the guide and impact as the result.


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