It's been on your heart for a LONG TIME, sister.

That Whisper that you've been batting away that tells you,
"You're here for MORE."

And simultaneously, you have another whisper that you dare not share out loud,
"I love my MLM business, but I know it's not "IT".
I'm here to tell you that you don't have to choose. You can have your cake and eat it, too! You CAN keep your NWM business that you love, AND start doing the work to simultaneously turn your MLM biz into your PLATFORM FOR YOUR PURPOSE WORK.

I've worked with countless women and the conversation always begins with a very similar statement:

"I want to know who I am, why I'm here. And how to get there."

Well I'm extending you a hot pink ticket to hop on The Purpose Train with me to get to know exactly who you are and why you are here on this earth, how to reach your Intended AND get paid for your Great Work!!

I know how it feels to be in that wanting, that desire to know who you really are and BE HER.

I lived that for the majority of my life. In the constant wishing, hoping, praying desperately for the answer. I didn't know how to let go of the thoughts that conflicted in my mind simultaneously between "You KNOW you've got this, girl" to "There's no way you can do that." I felt lost and I hated it.

Until I couldn't take it anymore.

I had to come back to ME. I couldn't shake that Whisper any longer. I HAD to step into my Purpose, it was killing my soul.

I prayed. I cried. I asked God to show me the way, and he did.

And now, I've been called to give you the same roadmap to YOU, so that you can take YOUR MLM platform and connect it to YOUR PURPOSE.


Grab your ticket to:

It was clear to me that there is a major gap in the Direct Sales industry (well let's be honest, there are MANY gaps there I am hoping to fill!) and I know I've been directly appointed to bring a change to the industry - and so are you.

Platform to Purpose was born WITH a Purpose - to give you all the tools, resources and support you need to authentically step into your Purpose and use your MLM business as the vehicle to get you there.

We teach everything based on 4 Pillars that hold up our Purpose Platform, with the intention that you will

  • Get the tools to heal any limiting beliefs, old wounds, traumas or patterns that are no longer serving you and are actually holding you back
  • Teach you how to show up authentically and make deeper connections with your Intended
  • Empower you to step out of "worker bee" mentality and INTO CEO Queen BE energy
  • Build your own business empire - what ever that dream, goal or desire is for you, and create multiple streams of income doing it! (We want lots of eggs in LOTS of baskets ;) )
  • Doing it all with ease, grace, self love and PURPOSE FIRST.

    If that is all something you desire,

Platform to Purpose is an exclusive, yearlong program designed specifically for women in MLM that will walk you through healing your past, remembering your Purpose and serving the world in it.  It is more than just a business program. It is about BEcoming all that you were called and created to BE, do and have, and then meeting up with the future You -

That Queen BE who already knows she has a Purpose and is ready to step into it FEARLESSLY!

Yes, I'm IN!

Once upon a time, back before I stepped into the Real Monique, the PurposeFULL Monique, I had a nice, average life. I had the life many dream of...the "white picket fence" kind of life.

I made 6-figures in a corporate career, then a "successful" MLM business (successful according to industry standards - insert barfing emoji here LOL), had a loving and supportive husband, 3 healthy beautiful girls, a lovely home in a gated community and lots of beautiful fans and followers online. I posted lots of pretty pics with fake smiles...

...but it was a bunch of bull hickey.

I mean not the husband/kids/house/money part. That was real. But my smiles were forced, the photos were staged, and the truth was, I was dying inside.

Most of all, I was tired of living an inauthentic life. I wasn't saying the things that were on my heart.
I wasn't doing the things my soul was begging me to do. I was just going through the motions, and every aspect of my life suffered and I couldn't figure out why I had everything, yet felt so empty inside, like I had nothing.

Until I jumped aboard the Purpose Train and took the journey you're about to embark on. #ChooChoo

It wasn't until I hit an emotional "rock bottom" and asked God to show me a way out.

Platform to Purpose was the way.

It was a long road for me of navigating how to use the platform I loved and had built FOR my Purpose, but now that I've got it down pat, I'm like your Spiritual Train Conductor,
taking you on the trip of a lifetime! (I'll never wear a hat so don't get any ideas! I'll take a whistle though!)

Once I surrendered to my past and understood what happened through our foundational healing work Core Wound Healing™, it all became crystal clear. It was those "ooooooohhhhhhhhhh I geeeeeet iiiiiiit" moments that allowed me to "pass go" and move on to the next "platform" on my way to my Purpose.

With a clear understanding of my past and consistently using Core Wound Healing™ to heal my past wounds, I could suddenly hear VERY CLEARLY what my Purpose was, how my Gifts and Talents were to be used, and what next aligned action steps to take.

Which led me to where I was headed all along: BACK TO ME. The REAL me, The Me I was created to be ALL ALONG - unlimited, full of potential and Gifts and Talents, and fearlessly diving into my Purpose.
 The Queen God made me to BE.


And now I will guide you on this journey to become "Her", too.

Become the woman who radiates confidence when she walks into a room or slides into a Zoom or a FB LIVE and all eyes are on her. She no longer shrinks and hides. She has a Purposeful message and she's ready to be SEEN AND HEARD.
She stands up tall, she gets dressed every day and shows up like the CEO Queen BE she IS
because it feels good to do so; because that is who she is.

You will Become the woman who speaks her truth and knows that someone needs to hear it. Fear of judgment no longer holds her back - her message is filled with a fire that is burning to be heard,
and she is ready to speak it.


Become the woman who not only knows she has a Purpose, but has reconnected with it and fearlessly leaps into action to fulfill ALL she was called and created to be, do and have. She is an impact maker, and takes every next step without limits to bring her Good Work to the world.

Become the woman who attracts all that she desires and needs to be fully supported in all she does, every day, in every way. The love, the joy, the abundance, the laughter, the help, the fun...all flows in easily and she happily accepts in all in grace and gratitude.

Become the Queen BE You with no limits, with nothing holding her back and with the confidence, authenticity and pure joy that radiates and inspires everyone and everything she comes in contact with.​



Yes, I'm IN!


CONNECT to your Purpose through healing.
I absolutely believe that the fastest way to remembering your Purpose is by healing the wounds, traumas, old stories and limiting beliefs that have held you back from BEcoming your highest, best and most Purposeful woman God called and created you to be. So before anything, we heal using Core Wound Healing™, which is a Divinely-given 6-step method to quickly and absolutely free you from existing burdens and trauma, and opens the door to you remembering your Purpose.


CLARIFY your Purposeful mission and message.
Without clarity, you will throw mud at walls and hope it sticks, not really making the impact you desire, or the income you SHOULD. As you evolve and step further and further into your Purpose and with m y guidance to help you see what has been right in front of you all along, your message and mission will become abundantly clear to you, and everyone around you. This pillar is crucial because where there is CLARITY, there is CONFIDENCE to share your message and mission.


COMMIT to servant leadership, and moving from side gig to CEO.
Pillar 3 is a non-negotiable. Servant Leadership IS the way to do business the way God wants us to - with a servant's heart. In that, we must also commit to shifting the old "side gig" mentality and TRULY begin operating our business like a LEGIT business. Trust me, a CEO that operates in Servant Leadership brings a different energy that is not only captivating, but also feels completely aligned...because it is.


CREATE your own platform of Purposefull products and services.
I believe that we should be paid for our Good Work, and I also believe in empowering women with multiple streams of income and changing their business mindset and money legacy. The more secure we are and the great relationships we have with money, the more and BIGGER we can serve the world around us, because abundance flows with ease and grace, in all ways, always.


Pay In Full




Payment Plan




What Social Sellers Say About Monique!😍

Tiffany W.
6-Figure Earner

I've lost count of how many times Monique has helped get me back into alignment, out of my head and into my purpose. With each and every convo and session I have with her, I feel more in flow with my life and business. Between her Core Wound Healing and Purpose Work, I've been able to overcome so many challenges and limiting beliefs that were holding me back and begin living with full confidence. Since the first time I worked with Monique over 3 years ago, I've gone from scraping pennies to 6+ figures in my business and feeling like a fraud as a leader to building a 2,200+ empire. I could not have done this without Monique and I'm excited to continue to grow and walk out my purpose and mission in life and see what else I will accomplish with her by my side!

Mandy B.
Top Leader

After watching Monique for a while, I finally decided to jump in. What happened was nothing like what I expected - it was so much bigger than I could've imagined. The first time I worked with her, I jumped 2 ranks - second highest in my company. The next time I recruited 8 women to my team in less than 24 hours - and they all came to ME. Probably the best of all that I've learned and accomplished with her is what my purpose is, and how my DS biz is connected to it, which I could never figure out before! Because of that clarity, I had the confidence to finally launch my own Purpose-based business, which gives me another stream of income and totally compliments my DS biz. So grateful for her guidance and friendship!

Qualla K.
New Growth

Working with Monique is the one thing that has made the biggest impact on my business & life in general. Just 10mins with Mo and she can see patterns & purpose that I either didn’t want to see or was blind to. In the last six months, I’ve had more personal growth than years of personal development on my own in all areas of my life because she gives you specific action steps that move you forward in your purpose. I’m a better business owner, mother, leader, & human. I’m so thankful for Monique, her guidance, & mentorship.


Fondly known as "The Queen BE", Monique Gaffney is the founder and creator of FEMLM™, Core Wound Healing™ and The Self Healers Academy™, where she teaches people how to heal their lives, remember their Purpose and serve the world.

For over a decade, Monique has poured into countless women's lives in the pursuit of empowering them to become their highest and best self - the Self they were born to be.

Leading with her own life as an example, as well as seeing her own clients do the same, she has a proven over and over that with the foundation of the 6 Keys to Core Wound Healing, it is possible to not only heal your life, but fearlessly step into your Purpose and serve the world as God called and created you to, make an impact and get paid for your Good Work.

Monique's clients have big goals, visions and dreams and aren't afraid to step into them.

​Monique's work confidently walks clients into seeing the fruit of pursuing their Purpose. In short time spans from mere days to weeks to months, Monique's clients have stepped into their Purpose in all forms, from starting groups, to starting podcasts, to writing books, to getting clients who pay thousands, to launching full fledged businesses.

Armed with their Gifts, Talents and a passionate pursuit to BEcome all they know they are, the women who fearlessly choose to work with Monique's guidance begin to live the life of their wildest dreams, and it happens fastAF.


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